The Member Lounge is a web app which provides Fernwood Fitness gym members access to exclusive vouchers, step tracking, appointment booking, personalised club timetables and much more.

Once logged in a gym member is greeted with a dashboard view which provides a high level overview of all the different options available, some of which include:

  • Appointments
  • Events
  • Activity tracking
  • Fernwood TV
  • Personalised playlists
  • Personalised step count

Understanding our users

Because Fernwood is a women’s only gym it presented an extra challenge to understand what our members would be looking for from an online application.

It’s because of this, that the team and I decided to conduct surveys via the means available to us. This included using services such as SurveyMonkey, The Lean Survey Canvas¬†template, as well as¬†conducting polls on our social network channels such as Facebook.

Example of The Lean Survey Canvas template.

What was great about this approach is that very quickly we started to notice a trend from the information we were collecting.

As an example, our members wanted to be able to track their activity, many were using wearable technology such as Fitbit’s to do just that.

It’s with this information that we decided to think about how to integrate a simple Fitbit feature, such as tracking step counts and make it available in a way which would not only motivate our members, but also provide them with a way to be held accountable for their daily activity goals.

With this the leaderboard was born.

Another feature that came out of this research was the personal playlist. This allowed the user to import their Spotify playlist directly into their dashboard.


The Member Lounge was launched during one of our yearly conferences across all clubs nationwide.

Our analytics showed us that members were actively logging into the platform on a daily basis which is fantastic and very rewarding to see.

We continue to speak to our users to help us in developing the product even further and allowing us to provide a service to our users which will compliment and make their health and fitness journey that much more engaging.