My role in this project was to lead the designer of the user interface concepts as well as the core foundation of our front end architecture, focusing on maintainability, scalability and overall performance

Through these online fitness programs members would be able to share their journey with the wider community, track their weight loss goals, learn about nutrition and have access to countless recipes, meal plans and exercises.

Component driven design

Because the application would be used across multiple campaigns and potentially be white-labelled, it was important to create a theming architecture.

It was with these requirements that we discussed with the team to follow a component based approach when creating our user interface elements and feature sets.

The benefits of creating components included the ability to have interfaces which were adaptable and re-usable regardless of the requirements.

An example component of a workout and recipe cards.

Example commenting feature set showing the different states

Accordion based navigation concepts

Fernwood Online was launched to the public and existing members back in 2015. The project itself created new revenue streams for the business as well as a new and exciting way for members to engage with the wider community.