Back in 2015 club owners were providing feedback to the business, mentioning that they needed more sophisticated tooling to be able to find out how their club was performing, both from a sales, marketing and retention perspective.


We decided with the team that we would survey our whole network of club owners to truly understand whether this was a pain point for only some of our clubs or was the need a broader one.

After speaking with over 70 club owners we found a common trend to the problems they were having, these included:

  • Is there a way to track the full customer lifecycle?
  • Can I see how my leads have been attributed to a specific campaign?
  • How can I learn who is at risk of cancelling their membership?
  • What can I do to retain these members?
  • How can I get access to my clubs daily reports from anywhere?

Once this discovery phase had been completed, we came together as a team and scheduled a workshop to present these insights to key stakeholders in the business.

It’s with this approach we were able to begin to synthesise new ways of improving the complete user experience for our club owners.


Like with most of our features, my tool of choice for prototyping is Axure.

What I like about this tool is that it’s not exactly low fidelity as it provides options to design your user interface using any colour scheme you like as well as implement conditions based upon various dynamic use cases.

Personally, I choose to go with medium fidelity, as it allows me to start getting a high level understanding of our visual hierarchy and not distract from establishing the actual function of the proposed user flow.

Add Membership Package UI

Proposed user interface for club staff member to create and assign a membership package.

Payment Method Prototype

Payment information fields show based on payment method selection


Below are examples of the high fidelity screens which were created and implemented in development. As the project has grown, some of our new pages have been developed directly in browser.

Club Tools Login UI

Login screen showing error and focus states

Club Tools Dashboard UI

End of Day Report

The end of day report is automatically sent to clubs with KPI’s


Clubs Tools is an interesting project which started as a simple prototype and has become one of the key tools for Fernwood clubs to use.

The overall goal of the project will be to migrate our legacy applications and make Club Tools the go to platform for all club communications, management and processes.