As you’ve probably already guessed, my name is Leo Acosta and I’m Front End Developer with over 12 years of experience, living in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia. Oh yeh! and I love caffeine as well 🙂

So what exactly am I up to these days? Well I’m glad you asked, I’m currently working as a Senior Front End Engineer at Envato.

How it all began

Years and years ago in a galaxy… oh! that’s the wrong story, let’s give that another shot…

I actually got my first taste of the tech industry by undertaking a few information technology related subjects in high school.

At that time I was mainly creating simple websites using Notepad, a bit of Front Page and your typical vanilla hand-coded HTML/CSS.

It’s because of this, that I took it upon myself to undertake Computer Engineering degree, safe to say that didn’t last too long, perhaps it was the heavy physics in semester one that made my decision quite clear that this path was simply just not for me, so with that I decided to change things up.

I had always been into hand-drawing as a kid, so decided that perhaps web design might bring my two worlds together — the codes and the nice pictures grin ?

So I started a brand new shiny degree and 3 years later I had graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia. It wasn’t too long after that I got my first real job in the tech industry and have never looked back.

Fast-forward to now

Having had the opportunity to work with some great teams over the years, I take great pride in my ability to communicate and articulate ideas in both technical terms as well as less jargon-centric when the needs arise.

I think because I have experience in both development and design, it allows me the opportunity to really understand how various groups can interpret ideas in their different ways.

I also can demonstrate very strong soft personal skills, which revolve around listening, being persuasive and showing a true passion for really understanding the holistic experience that people go through when using a product or service.

It’s with this, that my process always needs to start by identifying the why behind everything I do.

I can’t do my job effectively unless every screen, block of copy, or interface has an intentional value in mind, while supporting and being empathetic towards both customer and business goals.

How to reach me

LinkedIn is probably the best way to reach me but you can also connect with me on GitHub, CodePen, Twitter, think that should do it? ?

Thanks for stopping by!